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7 Terms to Know for Your Next Hair Salon Visit

We all know how important communication is in our everyday life, and just like with family, work and friends, you need to be able to talk with your hairstylist. A conversation with your stylist can go a long way towards making sure you get a look that you really love. hair salon service in Jacksonville

You don’t need to be nervous if you don’t know enough about salon terminology, your stylist will be happy to educate you on the latest trends, styles and products.

To get you started, here are seven terms you can use on your next trip to the hair salon.


A technique where hair at the bottom of your style, such as at the base of your neck, is cut short or shaved, removing weight while creating an easier look to maintain.

Pixiepixie cut hair salon jacksonville florida

It’s generally the shortest of hairstyles, but with its wispy edges, it has a distinctly feminine feel. It can fit well with all different types of facial shapes and is easy to keep up with.


A cutting technique that creates extra body and volume, creating exaggerated layers to create a shaggy look.


A trim, without a change of hairstyle. Get rid of split ends and freshen up your look with this quick cut.

bangs cut salon hairstyle orange park floridaBangs

A face-framing style where hair is cut to fall over the forehead. It’s a versatile hairstyle that can be cut to different lengths, textures and angles, each creating a distinct presentation. Fun fact: The British term for bangs is “fringe.”


Want an edgy look? This cut, where one side is cut to a longer length, can create a striking look.


Cutting hair into different lengths to produce body and volume. Some layers can be cut to seamlessly flow together, while other techniques produce a “choppy” look by cutting in distinct layers that do not cascade.

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